Carrion Crown (GGG)

Session 10 - Rabbit stew

Prior Daniel is HANDY to have around...

With the holy-steam still rising off the skeletons Prior Danies has just dispatched, our heroes take stock of their surroundings. The soot-blackened plaques reveal that they’ve just come from Hell’s Basement. As Tey clears the dust from the next plaque he realised two things:

  1. The floor in this dungeon is incredibly clean! The Erastilian vestibule could do with a good spring clean, I must contact the caretaker here, they’ve done a wonderful job…
  2. There is a flickering fiery light up ahead, getting closer, that appears to be coming from an axe wielding ball of fire and bones.

’Don’t worry!‘, Ashryn cries, ’Me and Noot have this covered…’
‘I really hope that doesn’t explode.’, Alvranna muses, as Noot bounds forward.
CRUNCH BOOOMMM! and Ashryn lets out a yelp as the strangely appetizing scent of roast rabbit fills the air.

Giving the blackened, crispy eidolon a rest, Ashryn summons her chirpy little earth elemental, Grit .
‘Go find out what’s in that room, Grit. Run along and tell me what you find.’
GRIT GRIT!’ is closely followed by a soul rending shriek as the wraith of the Lopper springs up from it’s oubliette, delivering a vicious slash to Tey’s throat.

With help from Ashryn’s shield spell, Kahless valiently holds the wraith at bay while Prior Daniel frantically flips through his book of Pharasmin prayers and burial rights. Not distracted from the life-or-death struggle in any way, Grit things he sees a shiny stone and starts digging.

‘Aha!’ cried Daniel and grabbing the Piper of Illmarshes flute plays a mournful dirge, infused with Pharasmas divine influence, and the spectre of the Lopper starts to take on a more physical form. A wicked grin comes across Kahless’s face as the Lopper coalesces and he lunges forward, skewering the Lopper on his lance.

If a rock could smile, Grit would be positively beaming as he hauls up his new found possessions out the oubliette.
‘Well whatchya got there little buddy?’
And as his new found toys are plucked from his excited little hands one-by-one, he finally puffs out of existence as his prized find, a stone of alarm, is begrudgingly plucked from his rocky little hands.

Three prisoners down, two to go but the next is not far away. In the next guard room the macabre work of the broken mind of the Mosswater Marauder is clearly evident on the table, which is strewn with the fragments of his last victims as he desperately tried to reconstruct the skull of his murdered wife.

A ghostly moan fills the air, the bone shards form into snapping, animated monstrosities as the shade of Ispin Onyxcudgel rises his dessicated corpse. ‘Out the way’, Daniel grumbles, as he pushes past. ‘BEGONE!!’ and Mosswater Marauder is no more.

A thorough raid of the hidden guards vault later and the heroes are moving through the empty cells in the area know as Reapers Hold to the prisons torture chamber.

Prior Daniel confidently strides forward, ‘No one fucks with Pharasghhhfffgllmh’ as a disembodied hand leaps to his throat, intent on choking the life from him. Another hand scuttles off into the darkness, ready to pounce…

’Don’t worry, I’ll get it!’ Kahless offers as he unsheathes 5 foot of razor sharp tempered steel. The blood drains from Prior Daniel’s face. Being a half-orc, he’s not as sharp as the greatsword he has about to swing but the reality of his actions do catch up and he instead uses his brute strength to prise the animated hand off the clerics throat.

The hand fails around in Kahless but then turns and attaches to his face! Having just turned the other hand into a tasty but nutritious snack, Noot bounds to the rescue and grabs the hand in his jaws, pulling it off Kahless’s face.

‘Why you little BASTARD!’ < swing> ‘Oh. I think I hurt your bunny…’

The threat now clear, Alvranna scouts the rest of the room. As she approaches the ominous looking iron maiden the door creaks open and she see’s Kendra trapped within, screaming for help. Rushing to her aid the vision suddenly vanishes as the lid slams shut, trapping Alvranna in. The ethereal spikes within feel as sharp and painful as if they were real as she feels them enter all over her body, puncturing flesh and the cold hard metal scraping past bone as the closes. Having earlier grabbed a haunt sipon, Tey activates the device, neutralising the haunt.

Alvranna slumps out the maiden, close to death with bloodless puncture wounds all over her body…

Foes dispatched this session:
Burning/exploding skeleton (he was a prison guard by the name of Gurtis Vortch)
The Lopper
4 x Screaming Severed Heads
The Mosswater Marauder
2 x Crawling Hands
Mourning Maiden

So much it needs it’s own post


A total of 1,401 each. This brings the individual scores to 8,537. Only 463xp a piece to level 4!


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