Carrion Crown (GGG)

Session 9 - Day 9 Continued

Into the depths...

Rejoined by our equinophiliac half-orc, our heroes continue clearing the upstairs room. Kahless unwittingly attacks the mortal remains of Father Charlatan, attracting his ghost to haunt him while Ashryn Batu and Alvranna lark about awaking the Piper of Illmarsh.

In the ensuing struggle, Kahless drops to the floor. seemingly dead at first but quickly enshrouded in spectral chains that are slowly choking him to death. Alvranna uses the flute she found in the secret compartment on the ground floor to combat the Piper’s song with only gushing minor amounts of blood from her eyes, ears and finger tips. This, combined with Prior Daniel’s channelled Pharasmin power ends the phantasma foes and our hero’s head down to the basement.

Moment of the game: Faced with the difficult task of climbing a rope in full plate mail, Kahless leaps down the dilapidated lift shaft astride an super-sized, carnivorous, inter-dimensional bunny.

Foes dispatched this session:
16 x skeletons
2 x ectoplasmic humans
Giant stirge
The Piper of Illmarsh
Father Charlatan



1455 xp each taking the new total to 7,136. Creeping ever closer to the 9,000 needed for level 4!


mikecantwell77 mikecantwell77

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