Carrion Crown (GGG)

Session 3

Zombie Attack! Third night in Ravengro

It can be easy to boast about how you would act, how brave you’d be in the face of adversity, but the truth is that until you’re toe-to-toe with horror, staring it in it’s rotten, maggot ridden face, you’ll never know.

Kendra’s panic and flight from the zombies is understandable. Losing her father was hard enough, harder still when it transpires he may have been murdered by the Whispering Way but then to have his reanimated corpse burst into the family home in a murderous rage, well, it’s more than most could bear.

Perhaps it was the sheltered life in the temple, his tender age or that he was stuck by a fragment of the door as it burst open but Orin dropped to the floor, unconscious, a dark pool forming by his robes.

Alvrana did not flee but bravely stood her ground. While slow, the zombies unfortunately had the upper hand with their sudden appearance and Alvrana also fell as one sank it’s teeth deep into her collar.

As much as Kahless might try to deny his orcish blood it sang with the glorious song of battle as he quickly dispatched his former colleague, Professor Lorrimor as he split him in twain from head to crotch. Spotting an opening, Ashryn was quick to Alvrana’s aid to stop her bleeding out on the floor.

More zombies came, a reanimated hound burst through the hall window, but all were quickly put down even with Alvrana hovering on the edge of death. Sheriff Caeller, having heard the commotion on his patrols, burst in the house, his deputies in tow, having conveniently just missed the action.

Having recovered from her initial shock, Kendra explained what happened. Concerned for the towns safety, Sheriff Caeller and his deputies sent for Father Grimburrow and coordinated a sweep of the town, should there be any more undead on the loose. He also sent our heroes to the towns grave site, the Restlands, to make sure nothing else was making it’s way to town.

The Restlands was initially uneventful but while searching the grounds something caught Ashryn’s attention. It was a grave stone bearing Alvrana’s name with the inscription:

Come to my world,
and be as I;
as I am now,
soon you will be;
embrace your end and witness me

The date, 4661. The same year Harrowstone burned down. Ashyrn called Alvrana to look but as soon as she looked back it was a word, old headstone as plain as any other, it’s true inscription long worn away.

A portent of death so close to her near-death experience was not a welcome event! To make matters worse, as they left that particular cluster of graves three skeletons rose to attack. Skeletons are no match for our team, with Kahless astride Aegis all but single handedly dispatching them.

The Restlands cleared, Sheriff Caeller arrived with his deputies and Vauran Grimburrow. As the town was now secure, they would hold a vigil to make sure no more dead escaped their graves. This presented an interesting opportunity; with all eyes on the Restlands no one would notice if Alvrana was to break in to the town hall…

Tey and Kahless, being rather less dainty that the rest, volunteered to make their excuses to head back to the Restlands to make sure they stay there as long as possible while Alvrana practised her craft. Sure enough, the records in the town hall proved useful. Alvrana read about one particularly nasty prisoner called Hean Feramin, the Splatter Man. The Splatter Man was obsessed in the power of names, particularly how they could be used to terrify and control his victims. Hadn’t Alvrana’s name just appeared on a gravestone with a date coinciding with the Splatter Man’s firey death? This wasn’t her night…

Reconvening at the Lorrimor place, it’s hastily made secure before a well deserved rest.

Day 5

In the morning everyone realised that Orin is still hasn’t regained conciousness from last nights attack and might need professional attention. The silver lining is that when Kendra takes him to the temple for Grimburrow’s assistance, he finds it hard to refuse her plea for access to the records. Another day hitting the books and another piece of the puzzle, this time Father Charlatan.

As the light fades after a hard days research, our team has the brilliant idea of making their first visit to the notoriously haunted Harrowstone in the dead of night. What could possibly go wrong?

Kahless, riding his trusty steed Aegis, was first to cross the threshold of the outer wall into the prison ground. As he did so he experienced a sudden rush of claustrophobia and the split-second sensation that his skin was on fire. While it didn’t phase the stoic half-orc it did spook Aegis. While he took the time to calm her down, the rest investigated the ruins of the prison.

Ashryn, tried to investigate the ruins of the old wardens cottage but it was apparent that not only was anything of value long gone but the building was structurally unsound. Moving on, the west balcony was next to get to be explored.

A large, rectangular block of stone rests on this weather-beaten stone balcony, while ruined wooden benches line the eastern wall under a row of tiny, barred windows above. A stout wooden door sits in the wall near the northern end of the balcony.

Near the stone block lay an old scythe, the regions execution tool of choice but no sooner had our heroes set foot on the balcony than the scythe began to rise, brought to life by the angry spirits of the many prisoners executed here. After a long, seemingly fruitless fight, our heroes eventually shattered the scythe. Realising that it may be best to wait for daylight, our heroes headed back to town.


705 XP each

Session 3
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