Carrion Crown (GGG)

Session 2

A new face, stirges and a cliffhanger

Day 2 in Ravengro and at the end of the last session, much to the delight of Councilman Gharen Muricar, the young ladies of our team had volunteered to scrub the towns monument to the warden of Harrowstone Prison.

Kendra, in a show of appreciation of the hard work they put in and for their assistance thus far, offers to take the party in to town for a meal at Zokar’s tavern, The Laughing Demon.

The party is joined by young Orin, an understudy of Father Grimburrow from the town’s temple. A local of Ravengro, Orin has led a life of dedicated study and knows little of the outside world. While not named in the will, Orin was fond of the professor. Professor Lorrimor was a fountain of knowledge on ways to put down the unquiet dead which had helped Orin, on many occasions, with his studies. After hearing that Gibs had tried to halt the funeral, with the outlandish claim that Lorrimor was a necromancer, he decided to offer his assistance to Kendra.

After being subjected to Zokar’s puntastic dishes names (how poor Pevrin has put up with that his whole life is anyone’s guess) a good meal is had by all. Kendra makes some suggestions for places in the town that could help with researching the prison and the prisoners; the town’s school, The Unfurling Scroll, the town hall and the Temple of Pharasma. Discussions are interrupted, however, from screams from outside.

Rushing out, our heroes see a pair of stirges attacking some performers at the town squares gazebo. They’re quickly dispatched but not before noticing that they seemed somehow attracted to and entranced by the music…

Returning to the Lorrimor place, more research is done in to Harrowstone, learning of Hawkran’s sacrifice, activating the deadfall to stop the prisoners escaping to Ravengro even though it meant he’d be trapped in there with them.

Despite Kedra’s insistence that he’s welcome to stay indoors, Kahless spends another night weeping about his hideous form and shouting curses to the moon about his fathers foul seed, however, is interrupted by a vision of ghostly cart tracks forming on the road outside. The tracks lead to Harrowstone and from the impression made it would appear to be a heavy laden cart drawn by a team of horses, like a prisoner transport perhaps? Before further analysis can be done the apparition fades into the night…

Day 3 in Ravengro and our party find the urge to do some shopping. Alvrana takes a particular interest in Jorfa‘s forge but, alas, there’s no easy pickings to be had.

Orin and Ashryn head separately out to the temple to convince Father Grimburrow to allow the use of their records to investigate the prisoners. On their way the encounter five completely uncreepy local girls playing a skipping game, it’s song in Varisian. Ashryn befriends the children, with a little help from Noot, but they don’t know anything more on the origin of the song. Even though they only know the full information of the Mosswater Marauder, it’s clear that the children’s verse somehow related to the five prisoners that were interned in Harrowstone’s last days.

Grimburrow grudgingly allows Orin access to the temple records to see if any information can be found on the remaining four prisoners. After a long day’s searching, our intrepid heroes find out about the Piper of Illmarsh who fed his pet stirges on the blood of his victims. Could yesterday’s incident at the town square be connected?

With much on their minds our team return home with Kendra. Discussion of today’s revelations is interrupted by a knocking at the door. A little surprised, Kendra heads to answer the door but as she does the knocking changes, first to a thumping then what sounds like several hands beating the door.

The door crashes open as two zombies burst through the splintered frame, the lead zombie looks recently dead, it’s clothes fairly new with no sign of rot or decay. As Kendra looks up to see it’s ruined face, as it crushed under a heavy weight, realisation suddenly hits her that it’s her father, Professor Lorrimor!


XP for session 2: 375 each

Session 2
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