Carrion Crown (GGG)

Session 5 - The shopping trip

Prior Daniel remembers the plot, loses the plot, and Tey goes inquisiting

After an already eventful day – the discovery of Gibs‘s bloodied war razor, his arrest, a visit to Harrowstone, transcribing the strange runes mentioned in Professor Lorrimor’s journal, a battle with skeletons, and an even more daring battle with a shrubbery – our five heroes head back to home to the Lorrimor place.

Ashryn presents the transcription to Kendra but she was unable to determine what the Whispering Way could have been doing. Seeking guidance, Prior Daniel meditated, seeking guidance from Pharasma. Ashryn and Alvrana, on the other hand, decided to peruse Kendra’s wardrobe for a good outfit for going out for a drink.

A some point during Daniel’s meditation there was an indiscernible shift, like something had just changed. Looking around the room he noticed the window was different. Where there was once a shuttered window there was now steel bars. The view looks out over a mist-shrouded hill, in the distance of which can be seen the flickering lights of a town. Turning back to the room, where there once was a comfortable bed there’s now a pile of mouldy straw and a battered, rusting chamber pot. He notices his name slowly appearing on the wall above where his bed used to be, one letter at a time written in dripping blood.

Just before the last letter appears, Daniel comes back round – he’s still sitting in his meditative pose in one of the rooms in the Lorrimor place. Relieved, Daniel gets up to head back down stairs but as he turns towards the door he see that the bloodied scrawl is still there above the bed!

Clearly perturbed, he calls out for Kendra to come up to the room. Everyone poured in to see what had so badly shaken Prior Daniel and there, written in the same bloodied Splatter Man-sque letters as the memorial desecrations was the letters ‘D A N I E ’, the blood still wet.

A cursory examination revealed of the blood revealed it was, in fact, real. This was no illusion but there was a residual trace of magic, perhaps explaining how it got there.

In his day, the Splatter Man spelling out your name would mean certain death once the final letter was written. With only the ‘l’ to go, it would seem that Daniel has been marked as a target and, understandably, was clearly shaken. Perhaps trying to take his mind off things, Alvrana and Ashryn resume to talking about dresses, how drunk they’ll get, the shopping trip for Kahless’s armour, and so on.
This, unfortunately, didn’t go down as well as it could have and, in an uncharacteristic outburst, Prior Daniel unleashed the wrath of the almighty Pharasma.

Suitably chastened, Ashryn, Alvrana and Kahless head to town, under Daniel’s watchful eye. Some skillful negotiation saw the sale of the Spirit Planchette but something else caught, Alvrana’s eye. A Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone which had been mistake for a simple gem and significantly under priced!

An honest person would do the right thing and point out to the money lenders, Luramin Taigh & Quess Yearburn, that they’d made a mistake. There was no hesitation in doing the ‘right’ thing, Alvrana conspired with Ashryn to try and convince them to sell it for even less, with a promise of split profits on a future sale. The proprietors of the Silk Purse, however, are shrewd and while they didn’t catch on to any foul play, wouldn’t let it go for less than the asking price.

On to the Ravengro General Store where Luthko & Marta Avanaki were initially unwilling to part with their family heirloom but a stirring speech from Daniel convinced them that it was a waste for such a fine suit of armour to go unused when it could be used for a just cause. With the armour bought, for a fair price, Alvrana and Ashryn counted over the change to see if they had enough left over to swindle the Silk Purse. They did and they did.

With both all parties satisfied at the good deeds and mischief achieved, the next stop was to The Laughing Demon for a night cap of some liquid ghosts to unwind. Unfortunately unwinding wasn’t to be on the cards because the cards, quite literally, exploded! A few locals were playing a game of Towers with a Harrow deck nearby when one of them cries out triumphantly as he put his winning hand down on the table. As he did so, the five cards suddenly burst into flames that flare up to a height of nearly 2 feet and sent all the nearby staggering to their feet in a panic. Ashryn, caught in the flash, was momentarily blinded. Unable to see, she heard the faint, muffled sound of numerous people screaming below, as if there were burning victims in a basement.

When the flare ended, the cards remains on the table, unscorched. The card that ‘triggered’ the flames was The Uprising — a card that shows a small army of enraged peasants marching amid a field of flames. The sounds Ashryn heard had aroused suspicion so Alvrana took to the shadows and slipped into the basement. A thorough search revealed nothing, well, perhaps a couple of bottles of wine that Zokar would have undoubtedly really like the group to have. Alvrana saved him the effort of having to wrap them and stuffed them deep in her cloak and headed back upstairs…


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